Ethics in Education

What is Ethics in Education?

  • By Ian White
  • 12 Apr, 2016

What is ethics in education? Is there a need to discuss ethical aspects of decision-making in educational settings?  We think there is - What links are there between ethically sound schools and long-term success?  Are there also links with morale, well-being, and resilience, attitude to learning, vision and engagement? How do leaders become resilient to pressure from the DFE and Ofsted?  How do staff become resilient to pressure from senior leaders?  What do we mean by ethical schools? What type of leaders do they have?  What things do they have in common?  Can an excellent teacher/leader be unethical? Can an unethical person be an excellent teacher/leader? 

These are some of the questions we are exploring in different arenas including this blog.  Some of our current thinking is around ethical governance; ethical leadership at every level in schools and ethical teaching. 

What also, for example, has ethics and ethical principles got to do with the ethos and values of a school/setting?  Are the ethical aspects of provision/strategy and decision-making for an Early Years Unit different from a Primary, Secondary or Special School? 

If the answers to these questions are that ethical considerations are important, what are our next steps?  What do we do with the belief that ethics is a significant factor that SHOULD inform educational management and leadership?

Watch this space.  Please feel free to contribute to this discussion.

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